TSW: Chapter 1 – A Wizard Did It

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Chapter One – A Wizard Did It

Everyone always told young Kevin O’Brien, several times over, that each and every person is unique and that life is special. That confused him. Day in and day out, all those around him had the same routine. Their lives seemed dull to him, and he was no escapee from this repetitive prison. He got up, ate breakfast, left for school, tried to pay attention, and eventually found his way to sleep, only to do it all again the next day.

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Wizard Story Excerpt

Here’s a bit of something I wrote awhile back. It’s based on a story concept I’d like to explore further. The problem with it was, in my mind, it would work a hundred times better in comic form, but I can’t draw that well. I wrote a bit up one day anyway. It was fun writing a story that was meant to be more on the funny side.

Also, wizards are awesome.

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D&D 5e – Sorcerer Subclass WIP

Even with a few additions, I’ve found that the options for making a sorcerer are rather slim in 5th Edition. You only have a few choices for your power’s origins. I’ve also really missed playing a summoner. That being said, the summoner I used to play in Pathfinder was greatly different than this. This one is called Living Gateway.

I started messing around with homebrewing a subclass for sorcerer, not based around a single creature you customise like in Pathfinder, but around summoning a large array of weaker creatures with abilities to compliment that.

Anyway, it’s just a work in progress, but I thought I’d share it anyway. It seems to be decent enough to played right now as long as you don’t pass level 4 and start getting 3rd level spell slots.

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Fist of the Gods – A D&D Retelling (Draft)

The Fist of the Gods was what my original Dungeons and Dragons group one day called themselves. They’re my oldest running campaign. Though we haven’t ran a new session in a long time, they had a long journey, and I still have some of the notes from those days. I decided to start putting it all together into a narrative, retelling the story of their party from the beginning.

This is just a rough draft, but enjoy!


Chapter 1: Come and Go


The hamlet of Midbrook welcomed two new figures come morning time—boots crunched down the crudely laid soil paths that twisted between the wooden huts. It was a small place to live, but it saw its share of adventurers passing to and from the Shaar grasslands which stretched miles to the west. This duo was no exception. Though they were travelling northwards, it was adventure they sought, and no particular destination. Continue reading

Random Excerpts – Part 3

Once again, I’m here to share some of my old bits of writing practice! I hope you can get some kind of enjoyment from either reading them, or the idea of doing these little bits of writing in your free time. Maybe you’ll enjoy doing it. They say to keep doing the thing you love. An artist sketches and doodles, so a writer should write as often as he or she can—fragments of a scene, little thoughts, etc.

Here we are with possibly the last of my old stuff too. Well, the old stuff I’m willing to share. Even an open individual has creations they prefer to keep secret, either for future projects, or because they’re too embarrassing share. Hah!

The sun began to rise as morning came, which was to be expected. Though, it was comforting just to see something regular—something predictable. To him it was an anchor that kept him on the ground of sanity.

There was only a engine’s gentle humming to awaken him—the adventurous glitch. Though, this wasn’t odd. It wasn’t different at all. In fact, if there had been anything else, then it would have baffled him. For a week there had been no weird happenings, disturbing noises, action, or danger. He would have given anything for a different bird to chirp, or the oven to light on fire, but he had to stay hovering above the planet for just a bit longer.

But then, he woke up. It was only a dream to be so horribly bored on that morning. In fact, he was awakened by the deafening repeating blinking red alarm lights. Everything was red, and he had no idea what was going on. Yet, he would have smiled if he had a mouth.

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Volo’s Guide to Monsters is a Must-Have Book for D&D 5th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition released for the first time on the 15th of July in 2014, though I and many others were playing back when the playtest was around as early as 2012. It’s since become a huge hit for new players and veterans alike. With its simplification paired with a style mirroring the famous 3.5e, it seems like this will continue to be the go-to edition for years to come. But with a new edition comes a new series of additional books, and Wizards of the Coast chooses to reduce the chance of piracy by not making available PDFs for said books. They’re not cheap, either. Thankfully they’ve been of high quality so far, but that’s for another time, because the most recent book released by them is, “Volo’s Guide to Monsters”. Continue reading