TSW: Chapter 13 – The Odd Couple

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Chapter Thirteen – The Odd Couple

The night passed quickly. Eldrian, who was still resting up at the hospital, was left with a box of leftover food from the disastrous dinner that happened the previous day. His injuries were fortunately not severe and his recovery was moving properly. Outside, Deena was walking down the sidewalk. She was not only looking for a place to open up a portal door to her home, but also felt as if she needed some fresh air and quiet.

It was still the morning. She was returning from her visit, but now she wasn’t certain what to do. She was once content with sitting, studying, and silence. Eldrian and Kevin entering her life made it difficult to think of anything other than the chaos they brought.

Down the sides of the road were smiling folks, and while she wasn’t joining them in that regard, it was a comforting sight. Everybody and their dog—literally—was out enjoying the last bits of sun before winter took it over. While the little witch brought the curious gaze of pedestrians she passed, she was used to it. From head to toe her body was pale, even her hair, but it wouldn’t be long until the city felt the same. Her hand held out with the palm raised up, and it was greeted by the melting of a single bit of snow that floated down from the sky.

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TSW: Chapter 12 – Pass the Newt Eyes

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Chapter Twelve – Pass the Newt Eyes

Eldrian wasn’t certain if what he was looking over was an ornate dining room table or an altar prepped for a ritualistic sacrifice, or a seance. Candles holding flickering blue flames rose from macabre decorative skulls. Plates and utensils were already laid out, ready for company, and it was all upon a dark wooden table surrounded by matching chairs.

The time was almost four o’clock when he arrived. As evil as it might have all appeared, it was impressive, and he definitely thought it was cool. Deena, however, looked out of energy. She came from the kitchen and wiped her brow before removing the straps of a red apron to place it aside.

“Sorry. I just had to finish up,” she said. “The turkey is just about done. The mashed potatoes are good. I’ve got cranberry sauce and stuffing too. That should be good enough for just the four of us.”

“You’ve been cooking that stuff all day? I could have helped.”

“No. It’s fine. I just… wanted to do it myself.”

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TSW: Chapter 11 – Ordinary Family Dinner

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Chapter Eleven – Ordinary Family Dinner

“Really? You can’t come? That’s a bummer.” Eldrian slid his hands inside the pockets of his trousers and looked to the sidewalk between his feet.

He and Eldrian were standing outside the door of a fast food restaurant. Upon the large sign above the building were two letters separated by an ampersand, and the wafting stench of delicious greasy burgers filled the air around them. Was it appetizing? Nobody really knew for certain. The smell made them feel both hungry and full of shame at the same time.

Winter was coming, but the streets were still bustling with people going about their business. Loud noises came from the speeding of cars down the street, and the muttering of pedestrians that made their way down the sidewalk and past the two of them. It was a somber time. Leaves were nearly gone from the trees to await the oncoming snow and frigid temperatures. Soon it would be time to bring out the hefty jackets. It would be a long while before the joys of bathing suits returned.

“You said it was tomorrow, right? You know I’d come if I could,” Kevin said back.

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TSW: Chapter 10 – Survival of the Fittest

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Chapter Ten – Survival of the Fittest

Kevin’s blade, Drodias, performed a bisection to the floating green orb, like a magic blade through magic butter. The spell fizzled into a series of gradually descending sparkles, but before he could catch a breath, another appeared. This time, he jabbed forward the sword to pierce straight through the spell, and once again, it burst apart. Sweat came down from Kevin’s forehead as he continued, but above his goatee wasn’t a face of despair. He was enjoying himself.

“You’re pretty quick,” said Daveon as he materialized another floating ball from his palm.

“Thanks. Make the next one faster!” Kevin replied with a laugh.

“You’ve got it.”

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