TSW: Chapter 14 – Elixir Unleashed

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Chapter Fourteen – Elixir Unleashed

With the sun disappearing behind the flat landscape of a white Alberta ground, Deena stood ready several meters from the warehouse that Kevin was supposedly being held. She wasn’t alone either. On her shoulder was a rat, but it was no ordinary rodent, as the rat’s form was not long ago that of a handsome young man. Daveon, in his animal form, joined Deena in looking over the vacant side wall. It was time to move.

“So this is the place,” said the rat. “If you can get me inside, I’ll look around and see what we’re dealing with here. They might not even know who I am in the first place, but in this form, they definitely won’t suspect a thing. Look up there. I see a vent I can fit through.”

“Try not to die,” Deena replied.

“That’s usually the plan, yeah. Thanks. Just float me up there and I’ll hopefully return with something helpful.”

She nodded. There was hardly effort required to levitate such a small critter up through the air and into the vent near the warehouse’s roof. The rat scurried inside, and disappeared from Deena’s view.

Daveon’s tiny feet skittered along the ground as he made his way through tight passages and crevices within the workings of such an old, worn building. It wasn’t long before he found his way into the main room. From near the ceiling, he gazed down at only two figures—Kevin and a large, hairless brute. The taller man looked incredibly odd, but it was difficult to see more through the cloud rising from the brute’s cigar.

Their companion Kevin was tied to a chair. No matter how much he struggled, the ropes holding him there were fastened too well by a series of devious knots.

“I can’t believe it. You really are him, aren’t you?” uttered Kevin beneath his breath. “You’re one of the guys that attacked me that night. You look different now though. Why won’t you say anything!”

Finally Ron let out an irritated sigh. His gaze turned to Kevin, causing the smoke from his lungs to force itself into the boy’s face. He snorted.

“Shut up. You’re only here because of that Eldrian guy. He humiliated us.”

“You don’t know what he is. He’ll do what he did last time, so why are you even bothering?”

“I said shut up!” he shouted as he smacked Kevin with incredibly power with the back of his hand. A red mark burned on the side of his face. “I know enough of what he is. I don’t really care, to be honest. I just wanna kill him. Thanks to his weird power I was given, I can do just that. You and your wizard buddy don’t stand a chance.”

“You know about wizards? Are you one of those… spellbreaker things Eldrian talked about?”

“I’m just a guy who’s pissed off. One more word out of you, and I’m knockin’ you out again.”

Both of their attentions were stolen by the sound of a clap against the stone floor at their left. They turned, and to their surprise, Daveon was standing not far from them with a serious expression. Kevin couldn’t tell where he came from, but the sight of a familiar face lit up his eyes.

“So you’ve got a weird power?” Daveon asked. “Let me see it.”

Ron cracked his knuckles. A strange, putrid grin pinched the cigar between his teeth, and he began stepping casually towards the druid with little hesitation.

“You one of Eldrian’s friends? He’s got a bunch of those, apparently,” the brute sneered.

Without responding, Daveon threw forward his hand, and from it came a lasso made completely of a sturdy vine. It wrapped around Ron’s neck. But as he did, Ron grabbed the vine and squeezed it with intense pressure, and he jerked his wrist to toss both the lasso and Daveon off to the side.

Daveon rolled into a pillar with a grunt. He stood, and kept himself steady as he wobbled back to lean against the back wall. A calm composure was kept, even in the face of danger. Ron glared at him with his vacant, white eyes. Something was definitely strange about his body.

“Come get me, you oaf,” murmured Daveon.

Like a bull, Ron stampeded at the cornered druid. He made it quickly to him, and drove forward his fist into the concrete wall. It missed the druid, but left behind a fist-shaped indent. Luckily Daveon disappeared before that indent was in his chest instead.

The druid turned into a thrush, and soared beneath the brute’s legs. At the same time, he called something out before disappearing into the rafters.

“Now!” Daveon yelled.

The wall directly in Ron’s face detonated. A gigantic hole was left through the side of the warehouse by Deena’s crackling shadow ball, burying the bald man in a pile of dirt and stone. She made her way swiftly inside. There was a period of quiet, which allowed both Deena and Daveon to untie Kevin from his seat, but that quiet was short-lived. They turned as they heard the sounds of rumbling debris loosen.

Ron, who almost looked as if his skin itself was made of stone, stood strong and tall from the pile of rubble. Not a scratch was on him. His clothes were torn, but even his cigar was still in his mouth. He glared at the group.

“What is this guy?” whispered Deena.

“The Elixir of Strength. I think that’s what she called it,” Ron shouted. He picked the cigar from his mouth, and flicked it away at last. “It gave me the power to get anything I want. I’ve got unbreakable skin, and I can see right through your weird magic tricks.”

“Just like Rend…” Deena mumbled.

“You’ve run into this before?” asked Daveon.

“Rend was a demon who drank from the Elixir of Strength. I guess more than one person did. And did he mention a girl? Maybe this is connected somehow.”

Kevin rubbed the ring around his finger. “But if he has unbreakable skin, how do we stop him?”

Deena always called herself a witch. She came from a family of dark magic users, and she herself enjoyed the study of the macabre, demons, and the like. Shadow magic, however, is funnily enough the least dark magic part of her arsenal. It’s simply the controlling of chaotic energy. A true witch’s power comes from disturbing powers, such as hexes or curses—terrible things. She disliked these.

“I know a spell I learned from my brothers. I always hated it though. It upset me,” the witch muttered quietly.

“Your inner conflict eases my worry of your magical interests,” replied Daveon.

“Distract him and I’ll try it.”

Kevin and Daveon looked at one another. They nodded. Words didn’t need to be exchanged beyond that, because the two of them had a job to do. Kevin’s ring burned a bright light as it transformed into the blade form gripped between his fingers.

“Summon sword, Drodias!” he shouted.

“Eldrian too scared to show up?” scoffed Ron. “Fine. If I kill enough of you, he’ll have to.”

Kevin sprinted at his target. With all of his might, he slashed across the side of the brute as he bolted straight past. However, it was if his blade was met with solid stone. Sparks flew from his skin, singeing the cut made through his shirt. Luckily, Ron was too slow. He threw a blow back, but Kevin moved swiftly away.

Both him and Daveon ran through the gaping hole in the wall, and luckily, Ron chased after them. This is exactly what Daveon was counting on. Alike earlier, he crossed over his arms, and cast his entangle spell, causing vines to burst up from the soil beneath Ron’s feet and wrap around his arms, legs, body, and neck.

It held him still, but the man was struggling. It wouldn’t keep him there for long.

“So we definitely can’t cut him,” Kevin said.”

Daveon nodded. “Or blow him up.”

“We just need to keep him still. He’s kinda slow. There’s not much I can do but distract him.”

“Anything helps, but I can’t ask you to do anything, Kevin.”

“You don’t have to. Let’s keep going, Daveon.”

Finally, Ron burst free from his bindings and roared. He was livid. The man stomped loudly towards them and tried to land a blow on the pesky druid. However, Drodias’ blade tip slammed against his side. The power behind the blow caught his attention.

“Remember when Eldrian electrocuted you guys? That was funny, huh?” Kevin snorted. “You and your pals didn’t stand a chance.”

“I told you earlier to shut up!” screeched the baldy.

Ron swung out his arm, but Kevin ran off. It took him a moment to regain his composure and remember his original target—Daveon. He was the actual wizard here. Once more he started sprinting towards the druid, but the trap set for him was left completely unnoticed thanks to Kevin’s distraction.

His foot was met with a sturdy vine-like rope at ankle level. The force of his own movements caused his body to crash to the ground. Ron slammed his face into the soil.

Ten fingers. Each of Deena’s finger tips were held out, and a burning black flame floating before each of them. She stood on the rubble pile, and a revolving circle of arcane power moved on its own behind her back. Like she was beginning a dance, she stepped forward in a very precise manner, and finally, she through forward her palms to create a careening cobweb of jet black magic. It moved slowly, but due to his distraction, the spell met Ron’s back. Ten Venom Widow!

When the curse met his spine, visible black lines were seen spiralling out from the point of impact. Specifically, ten lines. They moved throughout his body. It looked as of his form was covered in a spider’s web, but each of these lines filled him with pain.

Ron cried out and grabbed at his own body. He fell to his knees. The torment bypassed his unbreakable skin and filled the inside of his body with the surging magic, and there was nothing he could do about it but writhe.

“Aah! What did you do, you witch?” he shouted as he turned to look at Deena.

“A powerful spell. My brothers used to kill mice with it.”

“My insides are on fire!”

“They didn’t like mice.”

The man roared. He was in pain, and blood begin to cough from his lungs to trickle down his chin, but he was furious. Ron stood eventually, though his legs wobbled and his vision blurred.

He couldn’t do it. Once more he fell to the ground. It was unclear to them if he passed out or simply gave up, but Deena knew the spell was fading. They did it, for the time being. Then they heard a mumbling.

“You bastards,” Ron coughed. “I’m not alone… You aren’t the only ones with comrades. Just in case something went wrong, he said he’d watch from afar. With binoculars. I said I could handle it, but he insisted.”

“Who? What are you mumbling about?” snapped Deena.

Before he could answer, they saw him. He stood, partly shadowed by the night, a man of pure anger and destruction. It was Dylan—the short, silent man with a mohawk that was also with Ron on the night of Kevin’s mugging.

He was just as quiet as always.

“Wait. Really?” asked Kevin. “Wasn’t this the guy who ran away screaming when Eldrian showed up? He looks the same.”

Ron didn’t answer.

The three looked between each other. Dylan wasn’t saying a word, nor was he moving. It was unsettling. They began to whisper to one another as they watched him closely.

“What do you think?” asked Daveon.

Kevin shrugged. “He really does look the same. When he attacked me, he acted like this, screamed at us, and then tried to punch Eldrian in the face.”

“Should I just tie him up?”

Kevin nodded.

With the spell once more, Daveon crossed his arms with his fingers upraised, and vines burst from the ground around Dylan’s feet to encase his body in a tight bondage. They saw the tiny man twitch, and his eyes widened.

A high pitched scream emitted from the man’s lips. “I’ll tear out your intestines and eat them for dinner, you festering butt scabs!”

The vines exploded off his body. Speaking of his body, no longer was he small and slim. Every muscle in his body expanded ten fold, and soon he stood at roughly twenty feet tall. Each of his arms was the width of a tree trunk. His clothes burst, and his eyes turned a blank white.

No longer was he a man, but a monster instead.


“All right, Mr. O’Brien,” came the pleasant voice of a female nurse only a room over.

Eldrian was growing bored. He never liked sitting still for very long. At the sound of that surname however, his ears perked, and he couldn’t wait around any longer. He stood up and made his way to the hall.

“Oh. You’re up and about,” said the nurse when she saw Eldrian.

“I didn’t hurt myself that badly. Did you call someone O’Brien, by the way? I have a friend by that name.”

“He has a son, Kevin. Is that him?”

“Kevin’s dad is in the hospital? You’ve gotta let me see him!”

“Sorry, sir. Visiting hours are over. If you lay down and sleep tonight, you can see him tomorrow.”

“Fine,” he muttered.

He then watched the nurse disappear down the hall. Eldrian, not one easily stopped, made his way down to the door anyway and tried to open it, but it was locked. He grinned as he peaked through the keyhole.

Kevin’s dad was laying back, but he was staring out the window. Perfect. He looked around him one more time before teleporting through the hole and into the room with ease.

“Hello,” he said as he leaned on the knob, pretending he didn’t just magically warp into his room.

“Huh?” the man muttered as he groaned in pain. “Eldrian? Is that you? What are you doing here so late?”

“I have a similar question. What are you doing here period?”

“It was awful… I was shot. They took my son. The police still haven’t found Kevin. A huge, bald man knocked him out during our dinner. I don’t remember much after the gun shot.”

“What?” Eldrian shouted. “Are you all right?”

“The doctors said I’d be fine. The bullet didn’t hit anything vital.”

“Thank goodness. And nobody knows where Kevin went?”

The man sighed. All he could do now was shake his head.

“Mr. O’Brien. Kevin is going to be found. I swear it. Feel better soon, all right? I need to go. I have a few calls to make.”

Stay tuned for Chapter Fifteen – Silent but Deadly!


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