TSW: Chapter 26 – Like Ants

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Chapter Twenty-Six – Like Ants

“Remember what I said. I’m not going to say it again. Actually, there’s no need for any words. I’m being trusted with a job, and I intend to impress,” Deena said.

Ron shook his head. “Ya nothin’ but talk. Come here, girl. Let me teach ya a lesson.”

He kicked a chunk of soil from beneath his heavy foot, and like a bald panther, he lunged forward to swing forward his fingers to hopefully grapple the witch within his powerful arms. However, he was met with naught but air. A word that should not be repeated escaped his lips, and immediately, his blank white eyes began scanning to locate Deena just a few meters forwards.

“Ya can’t run forever,” he muttered. “Oh. Ya really aren’t talkin’ now, huh? Whatever. Now come back here!”

A putrid grin stretched across his face as he knelt down to lift two large rocks up in each hand. He fired each off as if he was a catapult.

She raised up both of her hands to create a shimmering ward of magic, which barely absorbed the crushing weight of the stones. She clenched her teeth, and let out a grunting exhale, but she soon dropped her spell and moved to the offensive.

“Use that freaky thing ya used before!” shouted Ron. “Can’t do it, huh? Then ya can’t win.”

Deena stepped forward. The sun at that point was set behind her, casting an outstretched shadow from her front. A second Deena surfaced from it like a rising, jet-black submarine, and after a moment, it grew with colour until a full clone of the witch was mimicking her movements. This happened again, and then again, until there were several images of her making their way to Ron. He had magic eyes, but not to a good enough degree.

He swung at the closest, but he cursed as it simply shifted in place like a mirage. With another swing, he tried once more, but it wasn’t the real Deena either, and this last was a bigger mistake. Deena was up close enough, and she—the real one—brought both her palms up to his chest. Push!

Ron’s view of the battle shook as he flew back to land his back against the soil. He was confused, as when he struggled to look back up, only one Deena remained, and her foot was on his chest.

He laughed. “Ya got me down again. What now, huh?”

“I fulfil the promise I made to you.”

“What does that mean? And I thought ya weren’t gonna talk no mo—Hurk!”

With a hand open, Deena slammed down against Ron’s flapping flips. He was incredibly strong, and she knew that, but only a moment was required to do what she wished. His blank eyes widened as he grabbed her stomach and tossed her aside. She tumbled, but managed to land unscathed, unlike the bald thug. It seemed for a moment that he was going to get up, but instead, he wrapped his fingers around his face. Sparkles of flames and filthy smoke burst from his nostrils suddenly in an explosive cloud. Her gamble was correct in the fact that the inside of his body was completely vulnerable unlike the rest. The spell detonated inside his head.

Ron crashed back down, now unmoving, with a cloud billowing from his lips. He coughed once more, and after that, he was out. She crossed her arms—red eyes peering down at his unconscious body.

“I told you so,” she uttered beneath her breath.

Renatta and Daveon were pursuing Xeno on the opposite end of the acre. He had led them to an old shed, but he appeared to be ultimately trapped with no wizard-like abilities to allow him escape beyond his twisted mind control.

The druid and fire-dancer stood beside one another and readied themselves for trouble. They saw that their opponent still stood confidently with the same snickering smile as always.

“Hehe. Oh no. It looks like you’ve got me again,” Xeno hissed.

“How many times do I have to beat you up?” shouted Renatta. “You already lost before. Now you are just wasting our time! You make me so angry, and now I am out of food as well, so I will not hold back!”

Daveon looked to her. “Those are interesting priorities,” he muttered.

“When I’m done here, I can go back to working on my goal of ruling the criminal underbelly,” Xeno said. “Hehe. With these powers, it’ll be a snap.”

Grinning from his own joke, he snapped his fingers, and suddenly the doors of the shed behind him pushed open.

One by one, several people of all ages came walking out of the building with pistols in their hands. They brought them all up, and began to aim at various targets, until a crowd of armed innocents with spirals for eyes populated the field in front of the two wizards. It wasn’t just them they were aiming at. Some of the guns pointed at the two, but others pointed at each other in a spiderweb of disaster.

Echoing throughout the field of armed men came the cackling of Xeno. The two looked at one another, and then back to the combined hostages and attackers, wondering what to do.

“What now?” whispered Renatta.

Daveon pursed his lips. “I’m not good enough yet to break this many guns at once. Someone would get hurt, and it might not even be us. How did you win last time?”

“Eldrian set up a trap and knocked everybody out.”

“Dang. Well, you got him once, we can get him again.”

Renatta shouted, “I have had enough of you, Xeno! I am so tired of running into you.”

Xeno lifted his noodly arms up into the air. “Well, you’ll never run into me again after today! On my signal, you will die, and so will some of these fine folks. Hehe. Collateral damage!”

Daveon growled. “Eldrian can’t always be here. I’m just holding us back.”

“But you are not alone,” Renatta said.

He nodded. With a deep breath, he began to move up his hands. Sweat dripped down his forehead, as he knew fully that if he made a mistake, people would die. But if he did nothing, it would be even worse.

The blades of grass beneath his shoes looked to be bending to his will. As did the wind, the birds, and the trees. His emerald eyes sparked with determination, and he twisted his clawed fingers upwards to cast an entangling spell larger than he ever had before. He inhaled sharply, and felt the land around him. It was once fertile—covered in crops and animals. No longer perhaps, but he felt it. It was there. In a matter of seconds, things fell like dominoes.

Wriggling vines exploding beneath each of the zombies and grabbed specifically their firing arms. Each was yanked to point at the ground, and each went off to blast a hole in the dirt, and luckily not somebody’s head.

“My turn!” announced Renatta.

She leapt. It wasn’t a normal foot in the air, nor was it an Olympic record high-jump. What she did constituted more as flying, as when she lifted from the ground, a burst of force nearly knocked Daveon’s left foot out from under him. For that moment, Renatta was related more closely to a rocket ship than a girl.

Through the air, she tumbled, like a circus performer. After a few flips, she cut down through the air with one foot out. Flames burst up from her toes to her knee like she was reentering the atmosphere—though it was only from about ten meters up—and Xeno had no chance to dodge.

Her fiery kick collided with Xeno’s forehead. A burning explosion shot out from all directions on impact, and he fired straight into the ground hard enough to leave a singed indent in the grass. With one more show of acrobatics, she back-flipped off his head, and landed on her feet in front of his laying body.

“Fast,” she said. “Just what you deserve.”

Daveon made his way over and wiped his head dry, and he let out a sigh.

“I can’t believe we did that. I didn’t mess it up,” he muttered.

“You didn’t!” Renatta shouted gleefully and wrapped her arms around him in a bear hug.

He let out an awkward laugh. “Th-Thanks. But we should probably put these people to sleep before they start to question what’s going on.”

Both of those fights occurred simultaneously. However, it wasn’t just them. All the battles between those visiting the farm were happening, and that included the third and most important one of all. In front of the house—Asta’s old home—stood the woman wielding a mace and magic shield, facing against a wizard and a man armed with a blue sword.

“Wizards rarely understand,” she stated. “Magic only causes misery. If it can all be contained, and then removed from this world, so many less people would be hurt. It’s selfish that you’d all fight so desperately to continue your own chaos.”

“Eldrian is my friend!” Kevin cried out. “They’re all my friends. If you don’t want people to be hurt, then why are you hurting them? And me.”

“I truthfully didn’t expect a non-wizard to be involved. Step aside. I have no quarrels with you. I’m doing what needs to be done for Earth’s future to remain secure.”

“This is wrong,” muttered Eldrian. “Stuffing magic away doesn’t solve anything. It just causes more misery. If the world as a whole accepted all that’s been hidden from them, just maybe we could all live peacefully and without fear.”

“A pipe dream,” she replied. “This is the most favourable method. Removing magic. Not even the governments seem to understand that. They’d never understand!”

She charged with proverbial horns forward. It was at Eldrian. So, the wizard brought himself together and readied a swift blink to the side. However, his face went pale, as the moment he tried to teleport, she brought up the hand gripping her mace. His spell shattered like glass. A moment after, she rammed her shield directly into his torso, crushing the wind from his lungs and sending him flying to the ground.

“Eldrian!” Kevin yelled. “So this is the power of a spellbreaker…”

The wizard coughed blood from his lips. He wiped them clean, and groaned while standing back to his feet. It took him a moment, but he brought his hands up to cast a spell.

It was too long of a wait, however, as Asta already had the time to break said spell and cause his attack to be nil. Kevin intervened instead.

The boy brought Drodias down to slash a diagonal cut across her. She pivoted on her foot with an obvious experience, and she absorbed the blow easily with her shield. In a counter-attack, she swung her mace, but he luckily brought the sword in front of himself in time to block the strike before it could shatter his bones. The force was still hefty, and he stumbled back with a grunt of pain.

“Do you think this is the first time I’ve fought a wizard?” she scoffed.

“What do we do, Eldrian?” Kevin said as his sword shook nervously.

“We’re not licked. Kev, she has to fight both of us. That’s our advantage. When people’s lives are at stake, I don’t give a damn about fighting fair! Asta, you have your reasons. I can tell. But we’re going to stop you, right here.”

“I’ll give you one thing,” Asta hollered. “I haven’t taken down a wizard as stubborn as you. Usually they cower in fear.”

Eldrian squinted. “Maybe they didn’t have as many companions as I do. Maybe they didn’t dream of being a master of all magics like me. Or maybe I’m not afraid because I know a girl a hundred times more scary than you.”

“Have at me then, Eldrian!” Asta announced. “I’ve never fought a wizard being helped by a normal person before, so colour me surprised. This should be interesting. I don’t want to have to remove people who aren’t wizards, but if they stand in my way, then so be it.”

Stay tuned for Chapter Twenty-Seven – The Last Victim!


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