TSW: Chaper 35 – Pointy Ears

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Chapter Thirty-Five – Pointy Ears

When the police car pulled up in front of the cemetery, there were already men at the scene studying the situation. It wasn’t a large investigation, but tape was pulled around the entrance gates, and a couple of the men were taking notes. The door of the car pushed open, but the man who stepped out looked nothing like the rest of the police.

He had short, blonde hair, and the smoothest pale skin. He sported a dark suit, a bowler hat, and over his shoulder was a jet black umbrella. Following behind him, also from within the car, were two young woman who wrapped their eager arms around his shoulders as he gazed upon the scenario before him.

The man smiled. But it was no ordinary grin, because the teeth of an ordinary gentleman don’t cause the women around them to swoon.

“Mr. Jackson,” the closest cop motioned. “I don’t know what you know, but it looks like some punks might have set off firecrackers throughout the graveyard. A couple coffins were dug up though, so we’re still trying to figure that out. The bodies are missing.”

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TSW: Chapter 34 – Learn to Adapt

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Chapter Thirty-Four – Learn to Adapt

Few can explain the intense feeling during a moment of indecisiveness in a simple and short description, especially when the light of attention is shining directly towards you. Your body feels hot, and your stomach uneasy. There feels as if a real weight is pushing down on your shoulders—one made of the impatience of others, whether it truly exists or is a figment of your own imagination.

“I-I just don’t know,” stuttered Arlandria. “I need more time.”

Eldrian patted her on the back. “Don’t worry. I’m here to help you.”

The two of them, along with Kevin, stared up at the menu board above the cash registers. Burgers, wraps, drinks, meals, sides, and more, filled the list of selections, and besides a few others sitting at tables, the place was basically empty.

“What’s a hamburger?” she asked.

“You don’t have hamburgers?” Kevin replied.

“No. It looks good, I guess, but why are there so many different kinds? Sorry… I’m making things difficult.”

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TSW: Chapter 33 – Madness Unleashed

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Chapter Thirty-Three – Madness Unleashed

Poppet was frozen with fear. Around her neck, the unnaturally tight grip of finger bones squeezed as the tips began to pierce through her flesh. The smell—it was terrible. Rotting skin and ancient bones wafted a scent to burn her nostrils given her terrifyingly close proximity, and this was further scarring with the creature’s jet black eye-sockets somehow still staring directly into her eyes. His jaw pulled open, and despite the lack of a tongue, or flesh whatsoever, a course voice came as freely as a man still living.

“You’re tiny… like a baby,” he grumbled.

Her eyes stayed staring. This had never happened before, but there was something about him that struck her silent. All she could do was mumble in response. There, balanced on her toes, she remained grappled by a nightmare.

“It feels like it’s about midnight,” he continued. “The perfect time for a snack. And I don’t know about you, but,” he said as he lifted Poppet closer to his face. “I. Eat. Babies.”

“What are you doing?” shouted Renatta’s voice from afar.

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TSW: Chapter 32 – Heaven and Hell

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Chapter Thirty-Two – Heaven and Hell

“No way,” Deena mumbled. “This is highly improbable.”

“That’s my speciality,” Eldrian replied.

Standing before the two of them, as well as Kevin, was a gorgeous figure almost divine in appearance. Her skin was pristine, she had a gaze like vibrant emeralds, and her hair was golden and lengthy. Unlike before, she was now garbed in traditional North American attire instead of torn fantastical garments—a lime coloured shirt beneath a thin white coat, and a pair of blue jeans. Through her hair was a ribbon to match her eyes as well. To a normal individual, she would look to simply be a lovely young lady, if it wasn’t for her long and pointed ears.

She smiled. It was a warm, subtle smile, and such an expression was commonly on her face. Perhaps it didn’t represent a concurrent joy, but instead an offering of friendliness to those around her.

Once again, they were in Deena’s living room.

“You actually ran into an elf?” Deena asked.

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TSW: Chapter 31 – Trials and Tribulations

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Chapter Thirty-One – Trials and Tribulations

Kevin and Eldrian sunk lethargically into the living room sofa with eyes on the television screen. In Eldrian’s hands was a controller, and on the screen, a sword-wielding man in tights. They had recently finished eating dinner—pizza, the most healthy meal—and were relaxing with a game for the time being.

“So, about this game,” Eldrian started. “Is he an elf? I always thought he looked like an elf.”

“They’re their own species. I guess they’re basically humans, but with pointy ears. Or maybe they’re elves, but not typical elves. You know what’s weird? That I look at the screen now, and realize I have my own magic sword and shield, just like him.”

Eldrian snorted. “I don’t have a magic sword yet. You don’t get one until that Temple.”

“Does that mean I’m even stronger than him?” Kevin asked, looking to the wizard with a face filled with much more excited than perhaps it should have been.

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