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I’ll be taking a week off from writing due to Christmas, and the holiday’s general craziness. That’s So Wizard will return in the new year with Chapter 51. Thanks for reading.

Have a merry Christmas!~☆


TSW: Chapter 50 – Near End and Beginning

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Chapter Fifty – Near End and Beginning

“I don’t know who you are, or how you did that, but thank you so much,” the man cried.

Eldrian, garbed in his hooded disguise, nodded to the gentleman he just rescued a moment ago from a pack of bat-wielding bullies. The man then ran off into the darkness of the city’s vacant streets. It was near the edge of town, so hardly anyone was out and about, and for good reason. The less people around, the more likely something shady would go down.

Another job well done. Eldrian was elated that he could use his gift to help people, even if he had to do so in a costume under an alias. It helped take his mind off things as well, such as Tyreth, Noah, and everything else that’d been happening lately.

He let out a sigh and leaned back on a brick wall of the alleyway. It was time to head home. He knew he shouldn’t burn out all his energy staying out all night, fighting crime and all that. His hand rest upon the wall beside him, but before he prepared a portal door home, he stopped to the sound of movement. His hood’s glowing yellow eyes shot left and right.

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TSW: Chapter 49 – Looming Shadow

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Chapter Forty-Nine – Looming Shadow

There was an eerie silence around Deena and Eldrian after the two brothers departed. It was just them, an empty chamber, and a grand set of doors ahead of them. This was something Deena had been looking forward to ever since she learned of its existence—her mother’s secret hideout. Although she’s long since passed on, secrets may lie within.

Her gloved hand swept over the chilling metal front. It looked as if it would take the strength of many men to move such hefty doors, but when she pushed forward, the crack between them widened. Creaking echoed almost deafeningly off the walls, and draft beckoned them inside.

“What should we expect to find in here?” Eldrian asked.

“I’m not sure. For years, my father has tried to convince me that my mother wished me away from family dealings, and I’ve never known why. Perhaps I don’t care the reason. But if it isn’t true, I need to prove it. I just want to know what my mother truly felt,” replied Deena.

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TSW: Chapter 48 – Streetlight People

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Chapter Forty-Eight – Streetlight People

Seven heads devoid of light coiled up from a misty shroud around Alumir’s feet. He didn’t spare a single moment, so each of the heads snapped closed shadowy jaws as they made their way to their prey. Each appendage loomed over them, blocking the torchlight from above. They crashed down where Eldrian and Deena stood, but an instant before, the two of them blinked a few meters backwards to dodge the attack and stand before the entrance.

Taking a firm stance, Deena raised a single hand up above her, and faced her brother with a determined stare. A plume of black appeared above said hand, and in a moment, it swirled into a ball of chaotic power. She tossed it towards the multitude of heads with all of her strength. Shadow Ball!

Eldrian acted at the same time as the witch beside him. He brought two fingers up on both his hands, and as sparks appeared above them, he brought his hands around in circles before leading them to his side. The electric power grew, and when he hurled it forwards, it fired off in a streak. Lightning Lance!

Both of the attacks collided with Alumir’s Black Hydra. Three of the heads burst into smoke, though the four remaining seemed unaffected, and just as determined to devour them whole.

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