TSW – Daveon the Druid Fanart


Another awesome piece of artwork. This time, it’s of the handsome Daveon. This really brought a smile to my face! Thank you so much. Check out the artist’s DeviantArt here.


D&D 5e – Sorcerer Subclass WIP

Even with a few additions, I’ve found that the options for making a sorcerer are rather slim in 5th Edition. You only have a few choices for your power’s origins. I’ve also really missed playing a summoner. That being said, the summoner I used to play in Pathfinder was greatly different than this. This one is called Living Gateway.

I started messing around with homebrewing a subclass for sorcerer, not based around a single creature you customise like in Pathfinder, but around summoning a large array of weaker creatures with abilities to compliment that.

Anyway, it’s just a work in progress, but I thought I’d share it anyway. It seems to be decent enough to played right now as long as you don’t pass level 4 and start getting 3rd level spell slots.

Click here to see it!


Dungeons & Dragons and My Friends

I just need to share how great my friends have been, though specifically, I’m here to post about the classic tabletop game of D&D. I’ve played for about four years now—almost always as the DM (Dungeon Master)—but we only played maybe once a month. It was fun. But one day, I introduced an editable online Google Drive calendar for everyone to edit in their schedules, and things got crazy.

Now we play a few times a month, and sometimes even more. We’ve all been playing together for so long that we all understand what works and what doesn’t, both as a DM and a PC (Player Character). We don’t run into all the horror stories I read online, because we’re all buddies, and we all love Dungeons & Dragons.  If you’ve never played it, try it with your friends! It’s a fun test of imagination, which I think is often unappreciated in a manner of importance.

This is a shout out to all my friends who’ve made writing stories even more possible by allowing me to turn it into a game!