TSW: Chapter 22 – Prison Unbreak

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Chapter Twenty-Two – Prison Unbreak

Enough was enough. It was time for Eldrian to throw caution aside—even if he often did that already—and work the offensive to stop this unknown force from threatening not only his life but that of his friends’. Therefore, he pitched an idea to Deena as they sat together on the sofa of her living room. It was one that not only could lead to trouble, but could also lead them to answers, or at the very least, it could unravel the mystery of the spiral eyes.

“So this is the plan,” Eldrian started. “We travel to the police station at midnight tonight. See, I know for a fact that the old man I ran into before is still being kept in there, as they’re a little confused about his condition still. We need to act quickly. It’ll be easy for us to get inside, and when we are, we figure out what happened to him.”

“You want to use our magic to sneak into a jail?” Deena asked in response.

“Yes. It’ll be a snap. In, out, and nobody will find out. We aren’t going to break him out. We’re going to break ourselves in… and then back out. It isn’t like any laws will be broken. You know, besides the trespassing part.”

“We don’t exactly have a better plan, I suppose. And it could lead us to that assassin too. She has some explaining to do.”

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