Fantasy Riddle/Poem

Just for fun, I wrote up a riddle someone could use for a plot hook in a D&D campaign, or whatever they find it useful for, even if it’s just giving it a read. Can you figure out what happened to the little girl that went missing?

A young girl and her mother stared towards the moon without a chance passed by, because for reasons even beyond her, that girl found beauty in something so far, and so mysterious. One day, however, she disappeared, and they never found her again. They say when the moon is up and you’re on the village’s border, you can hear a child’s voice, whispered quiet, like the wind’s tormented poem.


A sunken few, seeing from where I am,
and the forgotten one, condemn.
Beauty sparkles, but so far away,
what it no longer is, the day.

Distaste for the one, it knows,
and if not elsewhere, it goes.
No longer forgotten, if only,
day comes and leaves, wont save me.

Between I am, they dance.
but I’m still alone, bechance.
Prison high, or is it low,
too tired to know.

Purest beneath, the irony,
that so purely, would take me.
Cold now, too much, and slowing,
but what happens now?


Fist of the Gods – A D&D Retelling (Draft)

The Fist of the Gods was what my original Dungeons and Dragons group one day called themselves. They’re my oldest running campaign. Though we haven’t ran a new session in a long time, they had a long journey, and I still have some of the notes from those days. I decided to start putting it all together into a narrative, retelling the story of their party from the beginning.

This is just a rough draft, but enjoy!


Chapter 1: Come and Go


The hamlet of Midbrook welcomed two new figures come morning time—boots crunched down the crudely laid soil paths that twisted between the wooden huts. It was a small place to live, but it saw its share of adventurers passing to and from the Shaar grasslands which stretched miles to the west. This duo was no exception. Though they were travelling northwards, it was adventure they sought, and no particular destination. Continue reading