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Apologies. I’ll need to take yet another break from TSW due to some more things happening in real life. My hope is to soon get to a point in my life where I’ll be able to escape from these troubles. Wish me luck!


TSW: Chapter 86 – Icy Hot

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Chapter Eighty-Six – Icy Hot

The door opened slowly to a silent, unsettling hall. Lucy stepped inside, followed by her two younger sisters, Kali and then Mara. She took lead, as was her way, and although they didn’t hear anything, they proceeded with subtlety. The home was small and within an ordinary residential district, and although they did have the means to wipe the memory of mortals that may see them, they were on high alert for the potential owners of such an abode.

Complete and utter silence was impossible for all three of them. Kali, being a master of stealth and trickery, was more than capable, but with all of them combined, their footfalls didn’t fall on deaf ears. They suddenly heard the sounds of muffled, panicked voices.

“There’s people here,” whispered Mara.

Lucy brought a finger to her lips, and beckoned them farther. They turned the corner to spot two humans tied to chairs, with not only their mouths gagged, but their eyes covered. There was no need for the latter, unless the culprit knew there was something they weren’t meant to see. It had to be Anzu’s work. She cared that much at least.

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TSW: Chapter 85 – Come Together

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Chapter Eighty-Five – Come Together

“Tension continues to rise after the sudden terrorist attack that occurred not long ago in Spokane, Washington. Multiple explosions were set off south of the Holy Cross Cemetery. Fortunately, emergency officials were quick on the scene, but not everybody could be saved. Two reported deaths and over a dozen injured.”

A small girl, though only in height, was sitting alone at a table within a fast-food joint, swiping her finger down across the screen of her phone. In front of her was an empty plate and a half-empty glass of pop. She browsed through various news articles, some with video as was the report on Spokane. Her usual sites were bookmarked and she tapped through them.

Conspiracy nuts online were already mumbling about the attack. She knew that, as much as the government wishes they could, it’s impossible to hide everything. People spoke of weird memories of monsters. People flying. All sorts of things that anyone would dismiss, but Poppet wasn’t buying the cover story.

Her temper grew to a boil as she stared intensely at her plate. Finally, she yelled, “You call this a meal? That was an insult to my refined taste!”

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TSW: Chapter 84 – Freedom

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Chapter Eighty-Four – Freedom

As Eldrian remained backed up against the wall upon his mattress, he had to do something, but if he was seen casting a spell, it would yet again be broken. He thought quickly and started to create a magical symbol on the wall with a single hand, and in the meantime, he stalled by speaking. It was slow at first, but the man didn’t notice. Then, he took one final move and blinded him temporarily. That was why he spat. It granted him just enough time to finish, and fortunately, he was none the wiser.

Next all he needed to do was wait for the perfect moment. The spell infused into the wall directly behind his back was similar to his Push spell, but he could activate it remotely. Escape was soon approaching. Just a little farther, and…

The spell went off perfectly, sending Eldrian up and towards the man looming over him. His head crushed the man’s nose and dazed him. He flew over the man laying upon the ground, already preparing another spell, this however was not to be aimed at him.

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TSW: Chapter 83 – Doin’ It For Themselves

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Chapter Eighty-Three – Doin’ It For Themselves

Sweat ran down from beneath Lucy’s hair and down the bridge of her nose as her muscles tensed—hands locked on pieces of metal to adjust the direction of their teleportation mechanism. Mara helped as well, though she wasn’t quite tall enough to reach it all. Meanwhile, Kali stood back with her eyes closed, and pointed in various directions.

“That’s right. A little bit to the left… stage left. That’s the other left. And up next. I think.”

Lucy was feeling exhausted, as were the rest of them. They had been tirelessly working toward finding and putting a stop to their sister’s scheme. At the very least, they wanted to speak with her. “You think?”

“Right there! It’s hard to narrow it down to a specific point, but I think Kevin is right about there. You sure about this, though? We’ll probably be popping right into a prison cell or something. You know what they do with wizards there.”

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