TSW: Chapter 71 – Head in the Clouds

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Chapter Seventy-One – Head in the Clouds

Eldrian was a creative boy. Whether his innovations were useful was up for debate, but the fact of the matter is that he definitely had a grand imagination. He had already improved so much since he was little, and even since he first met back up with Kevin, and the insanity began. He took down demons, wizards, and spellbreakers. He even survived the power of the Ley Point, which had such intense magical properties, that it brought a couple back to life.

At this specific time, he invented a new spell. To the rare viewer so high in the sky, they’d see only a small cloud drifting among the rest. It avoided birds and planes, but otherwise sailed among the wind like it was an ocean current. Inside, however, it wasn’t just a cloud. It was like being inside a tiny room of pillows. This was where he went to relax, a floating bed in the sky, where nobody could bother him, nor see him. It was the perfect place for meditation.

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TSW: Chapter 70 – Broken

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Chapter Seventy – Broken

There was an eternity of silence after she took her last breath. How much time had passed? Minutes. Hours. The man stood looking over a fallen angel, to the greatest emptiness he’d felt in his heart, and thus he was unable to move. Lately, he hadn’t eaten, and he barely slept. The man’s frame was naught but skin and bones. When he finally moved, he pressed his hands against the window, and stared at the city he so deeply despised. No. It wasn’t the city. It was the people. To him, they were monsters.

Rage boiled up inside of him. He snapped, and slammed his fists against the wobbling glass, over and over again. The frame cracked, and his hands bled, but it didn’t satisfy him.

“Why?” he shouted. “Why must you treat a human like a mangy dog? She only needed one thing! Why? So send your hunters then. Try to take me away. It is your fault that nobody trusts us! Who’s the monster now?”

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TSW: Chapter 69 – Monster Party

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Chapter Sixty-Nine – Monster Party

Far from the prying eyes of man, lost in the never-ending wilds of Canada’s outskirts, in a place animals dare not even roam, was a single cave among the rocks. It was an ordinary cave, but the contents within were what brought danger. Past the entrance, a tunnel descended, and then opened into a large expanse within, but it was far from vacant. Basic furnishings were set, from chairs to tables, and upon the walls were sconces that held eerie blue flames which emitted no heat.

Skello, as mostly skinless as he was, clicked along the stone with his skeletal feet, following along with a tap from the bottom of his scythe as a walking stick. The woman he was following, the one with purple hair, horns, and the rest, introduced herself as a demon. He pondered. Had he seen a demon before? He wasn’t sure. All he knew for certain was she must be really partial to purple, though he didn’t argue, as he felt the same.

“Not the most glamourous base, I admit. But you make sacrifices to get what you want. At least it’s bigger on the inside,” she said.

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TSW: Chapter 68 – Superstition Ain’t the Way

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Chapter Sixty-Eight – Superstition Ain’t the Way

“I had a feeling this would happen, but I’ve been too stubborn,” Old Yaga muttered and sighed. She lifted up a glass vial filled with a lime green fluid, and as she stirred it in her grip, it bubbled and steamed. There was certainly something special about her concoction.

“We have to convince them somehow,” Kevin said. “If you really want to help them, you don’t deserve to get burned like some kind of monster! Maybe they’ll listen to us.”

A pounding echoed out from the door. From outside came a voice they believed to be the woman from earlier—the same snappy attitude. Behind her words were murmurs from others. They couldn’t understand what they said, both from distance and a barrier of language, but they assumed the worst.

“Come out, Witch. We have lived with your black magic for long enough!” the woman shouted.

It was Kevin that answered the door. He pushed it open, and made his way out, while Deena followed behind him. He saw faces not of anger from the villagers, but of fear, and concern. The woman leading them stepped back but continued a judgemental glare towards the ginger samurai.

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TSW: Chapter 67 – Burn the Witch

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Chapter Sixty-Seven – Burn the Witch

The screen flickered. In that dark room, the only light came from the looming glow of street lamps sneaking between the closed blinds over the windows, as well as the television Kevin faced upon the couch. The scene was night, and a young man was stepping carefully down the street, beneath a clouded moon. There were no sounds beyond a wispy wind, nor were there people around, yet the character knew he was being followed. It was felt down his spine.

Sweat poured down Kevin’s brow. The music built, and he was on the edge of his seat, waiting for something to pop out. Tensions grew stronger. His heart beat quickly. Slowly, the character turned his head, and behind it was—

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Kevin’s shoulder, and he screamed like a girl.

At first, he thought it was a ghost, but when his heart stopped pounded at a rapid pace, his eyes focused, and he saw Deena looming behind his sofa with a blank face. Kevin fell to his side with a hand over his forehead.

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TSW: Chapter 66 – Donuts and Dragons

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Chapter Sixty-Six – Donuts and Dragons

The snow was dissipating earlier than usual, though that didn’t yet scare away the frigid breeze to make room for spring’s warm welcome. Now it was mostly light rain that coated the city in a sparkling mirror. Fortunately, the clouds were parting, and under the coming sun were birds fluttering by with their melody of whistling.

“These are the last of them,” Arlandria grunted with a hefty, damp box in her embrace. “You’re so strong, Renatta. You’re making me think I should be exercising more.”

“My mother trained me. And I am not even cheating by using you know what.

“You sound like you’re rubbing it in,” she muttered, but ultimately decided that Renatta likely didn’t have the ability to do such a thing. She sighed, and chuckled softly.

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