TSW: Chapter 57 – Heaven is Gone

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Chapter Fifty-Seven – Heaven is Gone

“Watch me jump!” the little boy shouted only a moment before he leapt from the stones to plunge twenty feet down into deep water.

He surfaced from the lake, and swam with a bright smile and chuckle over towards land. He pulled himself up, and water dripped down from his short black hair, and his pointed ears. Garbed in a pair of black trunks, the little elf stood triumphantly at his accomplishment of bravery.

The Silver Stars were out and bright, filling the violet sky with beautiful light, which also caused the water to glitter like magic.

Another boy of similar age sat nearby—trunks green, hair blonde and short. He laughed as well as his friend boasted.

“That was scary, Tyreth. Don’t hurt yourself.”

Tyreth waved his had dismissively. “I checked the depth first. You worry too much, Yaelos. I’ve done a ton of dives, and I’ve never hurt myself.”

“Hey. Do you think Earth has lakes like this one?

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TSW: Chapter 56 – Gone to Heaven

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Chapter Fifty-Six – Gone to Heaven

The sheer weight behind the creature’s blow was enough to crack straight through the tree trunk, sending the entire thing crashing to the ground. The creature stood at only seven feet tall, but its body was round with bulging muscles, and the unnatural strength of a demon made it that much more dangerous.

Renatta flipped backwards away from the strike and landed beside her friends. Daveon, who was directly beside her, had hung up his phone just a moment before.

“Who called you?” asked Deena, who was standing on his opposite side.

“It was Eldrian,” he replied. “They were going to go do something with Tyreth.”

“You told him not to come here, yeah?”

“That’s right. We can handle this creature. This might be his only chance to deal with that elf.”

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TSW: Chapter 55 – Happy New Year?

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Chapter Fifty-Five – Happy New Year?

The final night of the year eventually approached, and along with it came an uneasy stillness. Kevin had gone home to his parents to spend the holiday with them, while the rest of the crew enjoyed the peace and quiet, not quite knowing when it would pass. Tyreth and Noah would hopefully keep themselves busy for a long enough time to allow all of them to take a breather.

Knocking drummed against Eldrian’s door as he lay on the couch on his own. He arose, and made his way over to answer it, and on the other side was an immediately recognized face—Arlandria the elf.

As usual, there was an alien aura to her like none other he’d experienced before their first meeting. It was like seeing Lucy or other demons, but there was a bright, unnatural beauty, like an angel of mythology. She had a smooth grace to her movements and her words.

This time, however, there was no smile on her face. She was troubled.

“Greetings, Eldrian,” she said. “I wish to speak with you about something. May I come inside?”

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TSW: Chapter 54 – Marquis de Jackson

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Chapter Fifty-Four – Marquis de Jackson

Poppet made her way back home, clutching her injured shoulder, but her scowl outweighed the throbbing pain. Yet again, she was betrayed by Tyreth, and yet again, she was defeated by Eldrian and Deena. It made her even more upset when she thought about the amulet she lost several days back. Would she ever find it again? That terrifying skeleton walked off with it, and she hasn’t heard anything since.

The artifact itself was only supposed to allow the user to puppet bodies with one’s mind. The fact that one got up, spoke, and tried to tear her head off, baffled her. She needed to find out more, and with Tyreth out of the picture yet again, she swung upon the front door of her home without even realizing it was ajar.

“Hey. I’m home, Alchia. Are you?” she called out.

There was no answer. Poppet walked through the kitchen, down the halls, and peered into every room, before coming to a horrible conclusion. A glass was broken on the floor, and spilled, and there were even more signs of a struggle. Things were broken and knocked over, and it all led to the front door.

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TSW: Chapter 53 – I’ve Got No Strings

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Chapter Fifty-Three – I’ve Got No Strings

A first quarter moon rose up to bathe the sky in a cool, white glow as midnight fell upon the city. It was a battle between the starlight and the intense illumination coming from the buildings that spread along the landscape, something that people who lived far away may not have known as well, such as Daveon or Renatta. It was often thought to be tragic, to not have vision of the night sky, but it was there nonetheless. The moon was a persistent force.

Both Eldrian and Deena awaited their meeting with a pressure in their chests. They had no idea what to expect from the mad elf. The time was coming up soon, and yet it did nothing to still their beating hearts, the two of them continued forwards and into the cemetery where Poppet was first discovered digging up the dead for her own benefit.

It was an especially gloomy night. Though clouds didn’t cover up the moon, the air was thick, and they could barely make out a single silhouette lurking in the back end of the graveyard. They somehow still knew it was him—Tyreth.

“You came,” he spoke in a deep and whispered voice, though it was somehow still clear as day.

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TSW: Chapter 52 – Fight Fire With Fire

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Chapter Fifty-Two – Fight Fire With Fire

The witch, the druid, the elf, and the exotic woman garbed in red silks, all arrived in Deena’s dungeon-like abode while it was still early morning. They spoke long enough about the times of trouble they’d all been having, but there was something comforting about being in it together. They set around her living room when Deena decided to give Eldrian a call on her cellphone, though it rang a moment before.

“Interesting,” she said in that voice seemingly always vacant of emotion. “Eldrian’s calling. Saves me the trouble, I guess. Hello?”

“Where are you right now?” spoke an exhausted Eldrian on the other end.

“We’re all at my hou—“

His mahogany door appeared behind them, and out stumbled both Kevin and Eldrian, bloody and bruised. Their wrists and ankles were severely injured, though especially Eldrian’s, and they made their way in to shut the door behind them.

“Really? Again?” Deena muttered.

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