TSW: Chapter 73 – Runnin’ with the Devil

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Chapter Seventy-Three – Runnin’ with the Devil

Everybody gathered, again at Deena’s house. Perhaps she was getting used to it, or perhaps she was biding her time to one day kill them all for intruding on her home for the hundredth time. Either way, Eldrian explained all he knew—about Rend, about Kali.

“But no leads,” Deena immediately said.

“No, but I figure with all of us, we can start looking into it tomorrow. We’ll probably discover something. But also, everybody be as careful as possible. Any of those guys could be after us. Watch your backs. Stay in public, where they wouldn’t dare out themselves.”

“Roger!” Renatta said. “I will not be hypnotized into trying to kill you again.”

“That’s good to know.”

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TSW: Chapter 63 – Dawn of the Final Day

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Chapter Sixty-Three – Dawn of the Final Day

The time for the Ley Point to appear was imminent. To one side, the American soldier with a bat and pistol stood near the bō-wielding man native to the country they were in. On his other, Noah and Tyreth were wielding blades of their own—the latter of course with the most unique weapon there, the Blade of Shadows.

All of them surely knew there was little time left, but at the same time, all were hesitant to be the first to begin what would only become a war. Hands squeezed triggers, gripped weapons, and Eldrian readied his hands. Eyes darted between one another with intensity.

Noah was different. His gaze never cut from Tyreth, and the elf knew that. He felt the spellbreaker’s hatred for him, and therefore, he knew he would act first.

His blonde cut swished through the air as he spun on a foot, and thrust his rapier in one swift motion towards the elf nearby, and at the same time, golden bands swirled around the blade to form a dazzling vortex of light. It unleashed a thin blast of energy, which fired like a bullet towards its mark. Sparkling Arrow!

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TSW: Chapter 62 – Dawn of the Second Day

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Chapter Sixty-Two – Dawn of the Second Day

They all sat around Deena’s dining room table as if they were attending a business meeting, but instead of a bunch of old white men, they were a colourful crew of bizarre individuals discussing potentially apocalyptic events. It was no secret that wizards acted odd—even looked odd. Though, hardly a soul knew wizard were even real, so it didn’t really matter, and it wouldn’t be wise to assume every hipster you saw on the street was a wizard in disguise.

“So that’s what Arly and I know so far,” Eldrian finished explaining. “It’s another way for Tyreth to get power, like the Elixir all over again. So I just need to make sure he doesn’t get it, even if nobody does. And I need to head there on my own.”

“Why?” asked Kevin. “If we all go, we’ll have a small army ready to fight! We can kick Tyreth’s butt back to his own dimension.”

“I know. But that’s the problem. It could be really bad to do that.”

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TSW: Chapter 61 – Dawn of the First Day

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Chapter Sixty-One – Dawn of the First Day

The land around them was barren—lifeless. They hardly even heard a bird chirping in the sky, or saw a scorpion scurry between the rocks and shrubs. Eldrian wondered if it had anything to do with the event that would take place in only a couple days. They had the information they needed, so they ignored the eerie feeling, and both Arlandria and Eldrian continued through the desert with papers in-hand in order to discern the location of the Ley Point.

A crisp, burning heat came down from the sun directly over their heads. At night, a desert was cold, but in the day, it was like standing by a roaring flame. They fortunately dressed for the occasion—garbed in shorts and loose shirts, though it only somewhat helped. Sweat dripped down from their foreheads.

“Do you think Tyreth has already been here?” Arlandria asked.

“I do. I also think it won’t be only us on the final day.”

“This is starting to sound incredibly dangerous.”

“We don’t have much of a choice,” Eldrian stated. “Unless we want to risk perishing under Tyreth’s iron fist. And who knows who else wants the power? Some might want to stop him too, but we can’t really take that risk. So what do the notes say?”

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TSW: Chapter 60 – Rat Race

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Chapter Sixty – Rat Race

“An elf?” shouted one of the men at the table as he slammed his fist down upon it. “You were almost killed by an elf, even though you had the Blade of Shadows in your possession? Not only that, but you lost it. Do you have any idea how priceless that weapon is?”

Two figures sat, while the blonde-haired wizard stood with an expressionless face. His shimmering beauty was always present, yet he didn’t sparkle to the same degree as he usually did. He was defeated, and it showed.

“Again. I apologize,” Noah mumbled.

“You failed your country, Mr. Jackson. This mysterious elf clearly has an agenda. What if he’s working for Russia? Japan? He could be here to take us down from the inside, and one of our top wizards lost just like that.”

“I let my guard down. Give me another chance, and I’ll cut the smug grin right off his face.”

The other man spoke up. “Not only that, but your report says there’s multiple wizards living in Edmonton, yet you returned with only one.”

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TSW: Chapter 42 – Love is Blind

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Chapter Forty-Two – Love is Blind

“So, Eldrian’s been hanging out with this girl pretty much non-stop. I have no idea where Deena went. She just kind of disappeared off the face of the planet. Now I’m bored. Hopefully Eldrian doesn’t keep spending all his time with Zayna,” Kevin explained as he lounged on his sofa.

Joining him were Daveon and Arlandria. It had been a couple days, and thankfully, nothing crazy had happened to them otherwise. Not all of their friends were present, nor were they obligated to inform them of everything that was going on with their lived. Deena was always mysterious. She often did disappear for fragments of time.

“Are you jealous of her?” Arlandria asked.

“What? No!” quickly replied Kevin.

Daveon crossed his arms and shook his head. “I can’t believe you’re so calm about this. Both of you. You said she had grey skin, horns, a tail, and more. It’s a demon. This Zayna is clearly from the Demon World. You know, the demon Eldrian was probably out to hunt? You don’t think this is a cause for alarm?”

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TSW: Chapter 41 – Demon Danger, Double D

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Chapter Forty-One – Demon Danger, Double D

It had been a couple days since the Christmas fiasco with Tyreth and Noah, and despite the fact that their lives may have become much more complicated due to it all, Eldrian decided to go about his business as he always did. He wasn’t one to dwell on the past, or sit still for long. So he made his way down the streets garbed in regular attire. Not a person who walked by knew of his worries—magic, demons, elves. He was used to this, however, as that was the way for a wizard.

Lucy gave him important information on the potential whereabouts of a runaway demon, right there in Edmonton. She was called Zayna. Apparently, her entrance to Earth was sloppy enough to allow both Lucy and Eldrian to find her path rather quickly. He knew of course that demons were cunning, so he kept a keen eye open as he neared the building that possible housed the target, but he swore he felt eyes upon him.

Demons normally tried to blend in to humanity. Therefore, he felt no reason not to simply knock on the front door of the small home. They’d have no reason to believe he was anything but a neighbour, or maybe a scout selling cookies.

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