TSW: Chapter 4 – Team Effort

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Chapter Four – Team Effort

It was the next day. With two hands up, a gentle breeze fluttered the fabric of Eldrian’s clothes as well as his short brown hair, caused by the stirring magical forces conjured up by the focus of his mind. Faint black ribbons moved up his arms to dance around his fingertips, and a swirling sphere of chaotic power eventually formed between his grasp. It blasted outwards like a cannon ball and exploded with crackling destructive force against the wall of the cave, leaving a small crater behind. Shadow Ball!

Deena clapped her hands, though it didn’t sound overly enthusiastic. She moved up her own hands, and took a stance of strategic movements involving every last part of her form.

“That was good, but it’s more like this,” she said.

“I’ve barely dabbled in dark magic yet. I’ve mostly been focusing on practical spells, illusions, and elemental attacks. This is really powerful, though.”

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