TSW: Chapter 41 – Demon Danger, Double D

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Chapter Forty-One – Demon Danger, Double D

It had been a couple days since the Christmas fiasco with Tyreth and Noah, and despite the fact that their lives may have become much more complicated due to it all, Eldrian decided to go about his business as he always did. He wasn’t one to dwell on the past, or sit still for long. So he made his way down the streets garbed in regular attire. Not a person who walked by knew of his worries—magic, demons, elves. He was used to this, however, as that was the way for a wizard.

Lucy gave him important information on the potential whereabouts of a runaway demon, right there in Edmonton. She was called Zayna. Apparently, her entrance to Earth was sloppy enough to allow both Lucy and Eldrian to find her path rather quickly. He knew of course that demons were cunning, so he kept a keen eye open as he neared the building that possible housed the target, but he swore he felt eyes upon him.

Demons normally tried to blend in to humanity. Therefore, he felt no reason not to simply knock on the front door of the small home. They’d have no reason to believe he was anything but a neighbour, or maybe a scout selling cookies.

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TSW: Chapter 40 – Merry Christmas

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Chapter Forty – Merry Christmas

Noah’s composure was shattered as well. Never before had they seen his gorgeous face contort into a combination of panic and disbelief. He had no idea if Kevin did what he did on purpose or purely through luck, but Noah was left dumbfounded by the breaking of his spell. There were no signs that there would be a spellbreaker amongst his targets, and unless a wizard can compete without his or her spells, a spellbreaker was simply too much, especially one with allies.

“No…” mumbled Noah beneath his stuttering breath.

Eldrian finally regained his senses. He wiped a trickle of blood from his brow, and pulled himself up to stare Kevin directly in the eyes. He was just as surprised as Noah, and Kevin had rarely seen his friend surprised by anything like that.

“What did you just do, Kev?” he asked. “Did you just break his spell?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t mean to.”

“Well, don’t stop now.”

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TSW: Chapter 39 – The Moose

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Chapter Thirty-Nine – The Moose

The fight had commenced a few minutes prior. They were already exhausting themselves, but given that it was still a four against two, the heroes didn’t worry too much. Kevin’s Drodias and Aegis of Light were out, and the three wizards were conjuring spells.

“Where’s Eldrian?” shouted Kevin.

“Not here,” Poppet said with a snicker. “Not even close.”

“Then why are you fighting us?”

“Just following orders. No hard feelings, right?”

Alchia fired a tiny version of her acid arrow from a single palm and yelled, “Yep! We’re just doing what he said. All we gotta do is keep you busy for some reason.”

“Dang it,” muttered Daveon. “What do we do? Finish them?”

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TSW: Chapter 37 – Christmas Eve

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Chapter Thirty-Seven – Christmas Eve

Alchia gazed down at her wrist. “It just hit midnight. Let’s wrap this up. Face it, weirdo. There’s nothing you can do against two of us.”

In an instant, Eldrian was there no longer. He was at their right, and with the Staff of Lightning tightly squeezed within his grasp, he thrust out his free palm to emit a sparkling burst. Pure, crackling energy fired in the direction of the girls like a beam of lightning, illuminating the area in a flickering glow.

Poppet leapt forwards. She was hurt, but not at all out of energy. With two hands up, she created a ward of magic to absorb the bulk of Eldrian’s attack, but she knew it wouldn’t hold. She was thankfully only one half of a team, however, and Alchia immediately started a spell of her own. Two hands went up, and then thrust down against the frosted grass.

Coming from beneath the ward as well as Eldrian’s lightning strike was a small but growing wave of flames. It crawled along the ground, melting any snow and burning any grass in its wake, and as it neared the wizard, it burst up like an attacking shark. Bunsen Inferno!

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TSW: Chapter 36 – Night Trap

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Chapter Thirty-Six – Night Trap

Twas the night before Christmas Eve, when all through the city, criminals were stirring, and he showed them no pity. From roof he did leap by each chimney with care, and even by himself he did so with flare.

The Dark Mage. He thought it was goofy at first, but truthfully, it grew on him. Nobody knew who he was. He was free to help anybody in need without the worry of someone seeing his face, and taking him down. He wondered why he hadn’t done this in the past, at least to such an extent. Though, he knew he couldn’t let the rest know, especially Deena. She’d be furious.

“It’s the 23rd,” he thought to himself. “Almost Christmas. I got everyone a gift, I helped a bunch of people already tonight. It’s a good holiday. New city, new start. A better start.”

Eldrian glanced down from the rooftop. Just a moment ago, the man beneath his feet had another man at gunpoint. But now, he was wrapped up completely by an old rope taken from the nearby dumpster. The thug never even saw it coming. With a whip of his finger, Eldrian captured him from above, and he watched as the victim fled to freedom.

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TSW: Chaper 35 – Pointy Ears

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Chapter Thirty-Five – Pointy Ears

When the police car pulled up in front of the cemetery, there were already men at the scene studying the situation. It wasn’t a large investigation, but tape was pulled around the entrance gates, and a couple of the men were taking notes. The door of the car pushed open, but the man who stepped out looked nothing like the rest of the police.

He had short, blonde hair, and the smoothest pale skin. He sported a dark suit, a bowler hat, and over his shoulder was a jet black umbrella. Following behind him, also from within the car, were two young woman who wrapped their eager arms around his shoulders as he gazed upon the scenario before him.

The man smiled. But it was no ordinary grin, because the teeth of an ordinary gentleman don’t cause the women around them to swoon.

“Mr. Jackson,” the closest cop motioned. “I don’t know what you know, but it looks like some punks might have set off firecrackers throughout the graveyard. A couple coffins were dug up though, so we’re still trying to figure that out. The bodies are missing.”

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