Fantasy Riddle/Poem

Just for fun, I wrote up a riddle someone could use for a plot hook in a D&D campaign, or whatever they find it useful for, even if it’s just giving it a read. Can you figure out what happened to the little girl that went missing?

A young girl and her mother stared towards the moon without a chance passed by, because for reasons even beyond her, that girl found beauty in something so far, and so mysterious. One day, however, she disappeared, and they never found her again. They say when the moon is up and you’re on the village’s border, you can hear a child’s voice, whispered quiet, like the wind’s tormented poem.


A sunken few, seeing from where I am,
and the forgotten one, condemn.
Beauty sparkles, but so far away,
what it no longer is, the day.

Distaste for the one, it knows,
and if not elsewhere, it goes.
No longer forgotten, if only,
day comes and leaves, wont save me.

Between I am, they dance.
but I’m still alone, bechance.
Prison high, or is it low,
too tired to know.

Purest beneath, the irony,
that so purely, would take me.
Cold now, too much, and slowing,
but what happens now?


TSW: Chapter 9 – One on the Inside

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Chapter Nine – One on the Inside

Day three came sooner than he thought it would. The food was delicious, the bed was comfortable, and ultimately, it was a nice vacation besides the looming threat of a backstabbing villain hiding somewhere nearby. This was also the last day he was able to stay. With his blue attire on, he left from his room and sought out the final of the Three.

They were never hard to find, as they didn’t tread far from Eldrian at any given time. However, it was only Huanca in the garden that morning, probably because they knew he was the last. The hairless man garbed in red turned to him as he approached and smiled warmly.

“Good morning, Eldrian.”

“Hey, Huanca.”

“Have you learned anything yet of our dilemma?”

“A little bit. I’m still not sure what’s going on, but maybe you can help.”

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Wizard Story Excerpt

Here’s a bit of something I wrote awhile back. It’s based on a story concept I’d like to explore further. The problem with it was, in my mind, it would work a hundred times better in comic form, but I can’t draw that well. I wrote a bit up one day anyway. It was fun writing a story that was meant to be more on the funny side.

Also, wizards are awesome.

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Random Excerpts – Part 2

Hello again. I’m here again to share more of my old writing excerpts that I did just over a year ago. Just in case you didn’t see my last post and you’re confused, I’m putting up pieces of writing I used to do as practice. It can be really fun to write a piece of a scene, without context, just to let out some creative steam. I like looking back at them after time has passed just to see how much I’ve actually grown both in skill and mentality.

But let’s not start getting too deep over random bits of writing. Again, don’t take these pieces as finished works, because they’re not even close!

Being lost is something of a complicated subject. When you’re without knowledge of where you are, surrounded by naught but a shrouded darkness encasing your eyes, mouth, ears, and every sense you can muster, then perhaps you are truly lost. Though, even this may not always be the case, for if your location is unknown, you may still have an idea of where you should be. There are many ways to define the word in question. But if you think too muchly of it, then you may become actually lost. Be careful when you tread amongst the void, and hold close to your heart your destination, and perhaps one day, you will escape the fear that is being lost.

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