TSW: Chapter 2 – Black Magic Woman

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Chapter Two – Black Magic Woman

Buttons were clacking under the aggressive panic of Eldrian’s thumbs and fingers as the plumber jumped and jumped over hordes of terrifying fungus monstrosities. Suspenders weren’t much to wear on the battlefield, but the little man pushed forward. That is, until his life came to an untimely end meeting a sharp-toothed flower protruding from a pipe.

“Aah! Damn it it all. Where’d that thing even come from?” Eldrian cursed as he dropped the controller to his knees.

The two of them sat on the cream-coloured carpet of Kevin’s bedroom. A forty-inch CRT television rested on the stand in front of them, plugged into an old gaming console. The sad words of, “Game Over” were present on the screen at this moment.

“I thought you were a wizard,” muttered Kevin sarcastically.

“First of all, I’m going to turn you into a frog. Second of all, don’t say that out loud. I’m probably already going to pay for what I did last night. Someone somewhere is going to have my butt on a platter, whether that’s the government, or a friend. I’m not sure which is better.”

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TSW: Chapter 1 – A Wizard Did It

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Chapter One – A Wizard Did It

Everyone always told young Kevin O’Brien, several times over, that each and every person is unique and that life is special. That confused him. Day in and day out, all those around him had the same routine. Their lives seemed dull to him, and he was no escapee from this repetitive prison. He got up, ate breakfast, left for school, tried to pay attention, and eventually found his way to sleep, only to do it all again the next day.

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Wizard Story Excerpt

Here’s a bit of something I wrote awhile back. It’s based on a story concept I’d like to explore further. The problem with it was, in my mind, it would work a hundred times better in comic form, but I can’t draw that well. I wrote a bit up one day anyway. It was fun writing a story that was meant to be more on the funny side.

Also, wizards are awesome.

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