TSW: Chapter 84 – Freedom

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Chapter Eighty-Four – Freedom

As Eldrian remained backed up against the wall upon his mattress, he had to do something, but if he was seen casting a spell, it would yet again be broken. He thought quickly and started to create a magical symbol on the wall with a single hand, and in the meantime, he stalled by speaking. It was slow at first, but the man didn’t notice. Then, he took one final move and blinded him temporarily. That was why he spat. It granted him just enough time to finish, and fortunately, he was none the wiser.

Next all he needed to do was wait for the perfect moment. The spell infused into the wall directly behind his back was similar to his Push spell, but he could activate it remotely. Escape was soon approaching. Just a little farther, and…

The spell went off perfectly, sending Eldrian up and towards the man looming over him. His head crushed the man’s nose and dazed him. He flew over the man laying upon the ground, already preparing another spell, this however was not to be aimed at him.

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TSW: Chapter 82 – Gloves are Off

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Chapter Eighty-Two – Gloves are Off

The voice came again. It struck Kevin with terror that he could hear his close friend calling out from the other end, and with him trapped on the chair, there was nothing he could do. Kevin yanked up on the metal bindings over his arms, which started to dig a groove into his flesh.

“I can’t take it!” Eldrian cried.

Taj, with his walkie-talkie in hand, paced left and right and let the words sink in deep. The room become quiet, apart from the sounds of the man’s footfalls tapping against the concrete floor. Then, he turned, and stared over his his captive. There was less expression on his face than he initially expected.

Kevin stared back up him with a burning ferocity not at all hidden behind his eyes—a fire stoked further by something. There was little fear, which Taj clearly didn’t expect.

“Are you ready to talk?” he asked bluntly. What little patience he had was fading.

“Hell no.”

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TSW: Chapter 79 – Mean Woman Blues

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Chapter Seventy-Nine – Mean Woman Blues

“Taj. Portal them back right away.” Whitfield lit up a new cigarette and took a deep inhale. Behind him were an unconscious Eldrian, and a handcuffed Kevin, being ushered through a blue door with a diamond window sitting in the middle of the intersection.

Bandages, or Taj, slammed the door closed and it vanished from sight.

“Victory again. Let’s clean up the rest of these clowns,” Whitfield commanded. “Who knows how many more wizards there are lurking in the shadows? And demons.”

“There, sir. Another.”

Down the street flew a fluffy black sphere with bat-like wings. Its lips, however, were painted a vibrant purple. It didn’t seem large enough to be a threat, nor was it attacking. It simply continued towards them.

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TSW: Chapter 77 – Seek and Destroy

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Chapter Seventy-Seven – Seek and Destroy

Deena’s hands clapped together, and around them swirled a dark violet energy that manifested quickly—a chaotic but skillfully contained power. She thrust them forwards, and from the tips of her fingers came a piercing, black arrow, that soared through the air and directly through the chest of the stone-like beast. The area around the point of contact cracked and crumbled but it otherwise unperturbed. Death Arrow!

She had read much about demons, and it was true that they were unpredictable, but having no inner organs was a bother. None of her curses would work, nor would a stab through the chest. They would have to knock it to pieces.

“Hey!” Deena called.

Renatta, unsure if it was to her, glanced down from the rooftop. “Me?”

“I’m afraid there’s no strategy for now. We just need to break it apart, so throw what you can. Just remember that it isn’t organic.”

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TSW: Chapter 73 – Runnin’ with the Devil

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Chapter Seventy-Three – Runnin’ with the Devil

Everybody gathered, again at Deena’s house. Perhaps she was getting used to it, or perhaps she was biding her time to one day kill them all for intruding on her home for the hundredth time. Either way, Eldrian explained all he knew—about Rend, about Kali.

“But no leads,” Deena immediately said.

“No, but I figure with all of us, we can start looking into it tomorrow. We’ll probably discover something. But also, everybody be as careful as possible. Any of those guys could be after us. Watch your backs. Stay in public, where they wouldn’t dare out themselves.”

“Roger!” Renatta said. “I will not be hypnotized into trying to kill you again.”

“That’s good to know.”

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TSW: Chapter 71 – Head in the Clouds

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Chapter Seventy-One – Head in the Clouds

Eldrian was a creative boy. Whether his innovations were useful was up for debate, but the fact of the matter is that he definitely had a grand imagination. He had already improved so much since he was little, and even since he first met back up with Kevin, and the insanity began. He took down demons, wizards, and spellbreakers. He even survived the power of the Ley Point, which had such intense magical properties, that it brought a couple back to life.

At this specific time, he invented a new spell. To the rare viewer so high in the sky, they’d see only a small cloud drifting among the rest. It avoided birds and planes, but otherwise sailed among the wind like it was an ocean current. Inside, however, it wasn’t just a cloud. It was like being inside a tiny room of pillows. This was where he went to relax, a floating bed in the sky, where nobody could bother him, nor see him. It was the perfect place for meditation.

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TSW: Chapter 69 – Monster Party

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Chapter Sixty-Nine – Monster Party

Far from the prying eyes of man, lost in the never-ending wilds of Canada’s outskirts, in a place animals dare not even roam, was a single cave among the rocks. It was an ordinary cave, but the contents within were what brought danger. Past the entrance, a tunnel descended, and then opened into a large expanse within, but it was far from vacant. Basic furnishings were set, from chairs to tables, and upon the walls were sconces that held eerie blue flames which emitted no heat.

Skello, as mostly skinless as he was, clicked along the stone with his skeletal feet, following along with a tap from the bottom of his scythe as a walking stick. The woman he was following, the one with purple hair, horns, and the rest, introduced herself as a demon. He pondered. Had he seen a demon before? He wasn’t sure. All he knew for certain was she must be really partial to purple, though he didn’t argue, as he felt the same.

“Not the most glamourous base, I admit. But you make sacrifices to get what you want. At least it’s bigger on the inside,” she said.

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