TSW: Chapter 23 – Twisted

Chapter Twenty-Three – Twisted

Renatta no longer reflected the image of a deadly assassin. Instead, she wore fine red clothes, and not unlike in the way of a belly dancer. Her footwear slipped on, like flats, and in the end, Eldrian thought she resembled moreso a genie, but he also assumed if genies were real, they wouldn’t be armed with blades.

“I barely remember,” she whispered. “But I do have fleeting memories of a building. A small house, at the border of the city. It was old, worn, and next thing I knew, everything was spinning and twisting. I heard a voice in my head, and snickering, and here I am. I am sorry I do not remember more. I can take you to the place, though, at the very least. And then we can burn him up!”

She flexed her arm, and upon the edge of her knuckles sprouted a roaring fire. Eldrian winced back a step or two after feeling the wave of warmth come over his skin.

“Careful with that,” he muttered.

“Oops. Sorry,” she said in response, snuffing out the flame.

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TSW: Chapter 21 – Out of Mind

Chapter Twenty-One – Out of Mind

Both the ambitious wizard Eldrian and his brave companion Kevin sat together on a bench overlooking one of the local parks, bundled up in cozy jackets and scarves, but luckily they shared that Canadian durability to combat Alberta’s crisp biome. In Eldrian’s hands was a newspaper. He licked his finger, and brought the page over to the next before snapping it flat into place.

It was nearly empty. Not only was the park not one of the most expansive, but few went out without the bright warmth of the sun, at least not in the same degree.

“Interesting,” he muttered. “So it displays the news, but on paper.”

Kevin deadpanned his expression over to Eldrian.

“Do you actually not know what a newspaper is, or are you doing a bit?”

“Life is a bit, my friend. The sooner you learn that, the easier it’ll be.”

“You’re only a year older than me.”

“In wizard years.”

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TSW: Chapter 20 – Eyes from Afar

Chapter Twenty – Eyes From Afar

It had been a couple days since the group’s picnic in Peru. Since then, things had become relaxing and quiet, though eerily so, as they knew that somewhere near lurked a threat of unknown origin. They hadn’t heard from Lucy either. It was a time of impatient waiting for the most part, so in the mean time, Eldrian did what he usually did—wander about.

The boy made his way along one of the downtown streets. A cool, almost blinding layer of snow covered the land while a chill remained in the air, so he brought with him a coat and scarf to avoid becoming a wizard-cicle. He wondered how the rest of his friends were dealing with things. He was fully aware that in his short life he’d already experienced plenty of oddities, but for someone like Kevin, it could be overwhelming. All he could hope was that he’d adjust over time.

Eldrian wished to enjoy the day and pass some time, so he found an antique shop and stepped inside. The first thing he noticed was the welcoming warmth that greeted him upon entry. After that, the valuable knickknacks of all varieties up and down the shelves and tables, with only a few customers populating the room.

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TSW: Chapter 18 – Shadow of a Doubt Pt. 1

Chapter Eighteen – Shadow of a Doubt Pt. 1

The noises of the wild soothed him. At every side was a tree. He made his way down a grassy dirt path to pass a wild stream of water coming down from the mountains. It was crystal clear, and it was calming despite the velocity. Birds were chirping and flowers were blooming, because at long last, it was the time of rebirth—spring. He knew he shouldn’t stay out for much longer, however, as his parents were waiting for him back home.

Daveon looked to the sun reaching midway through the sky. Despite the miles of flora, mountains, and more, he never got lost, as he travelled this way often. It was the only place he could be himself, given his powers, but he also had a passion for the natural world.

It was his eighteenth birthday only a week before. He didn’t feel any different. Was he supposed to? Often he pondered this. Becoming an adult might have happened already, or maybe it’ll come the year after, but will he know?

He asked himself a lot of questions when he was out in the forests, or climbing mountains. His magic allowed him to soar to heights nobody else would climb to, giving him a place to be alone whenever he needed it. When he was sad, he’d come to sit upon a cliff and just breath deeply—a view to rest his soul.

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TSW: Chapter 17 – Sentimental Sandwiches

Chapter Seventeen – Sentimental Sandwiches

“I suppose you’re wondering why I gathered you together here today,” Eldrian said.

“I’m wondering why you’re still using my house,” replied Deena.

The two of them sat within the girl’s living room, as they often seemed to do. They were further joined by Kevin and Daveon. It was quiet. The only sound made through any silence was the soft clicking of the clock hanging on her wall.

Eldrian crossed his arms. “It’s a safe meeting place.”

“Is it because you know who’s trying to kill us?” Kevin asked.

“Well, no.”

Daveon raised his hand. “You found out who stole the Elixir of Strength?”

“Not exactly. See, we’ve been getting attacked off and on for days. I feel partly responsible. This is why I propose an idea. The four of us are clearly going to be hanging around either other quite often, especially since most of us are wizards. Those are hard to discover. But I feel like we don’t know each other quite enough. So I thought we’d go somewhere far away and have a picnic!”

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TSW: Chapter 15 – Silent but Deadly

Chapter Fifteen – Silent but Deadly

He had muscles. His muscles had muscles. At least, that’s what it seemed, but Dylan had grown so large under the night’s sky that he became only a shadow looming before a canvas of stars. Daveon, Deena, and Kevin stood at the ready. Though, none of them felt ready in the slightest.

“Are we fighting a kaijou now?” shouted Kevin.

“This is bad,” stated Deena. “For more reasons than just him. We’re causing way too much noise. People are going to end up coming here soon, and then we’ll have more than just a monster to deal with. We need to get out of here.”

“We can’t just let this thing run free in the city. It could kill people! Somehow, we’re going to have to stop him.”

Deena shook her head. “I can see why you’re friends with Eldrian. Then what do we do?”

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TSW: Chapter 14 – Elixir Unleashed

Chapter Fourteen – Elixir Unleashed

With the sun disappearing behind the flat landscape of a white Alberta ground, Deena stood ready several meters from the warehouse that Kevin was supposedly being held. She wasn’t alone either. On her shoulder was a rat, but it was no ordinary rodent, as the rat’s form was not long ago that of a handsome young man. Daveon, in his animal form, joined Deena in looking over the vacant side wall. It was time to move.

“So this is the place,” said the rat. “If you can get me inside, I’ll look around and see what we’re dealing with here. They might not even know who I am in the first place, but in this form, they definitely won’t suspect a thing. Look up there. I see a vent I can fit through.”

“Try not to die,” Deena replied.

“That’s usually the plan, yeah. Thanks. Just float me up there and I’ll hopefully return with something helpful.”

She nodded. There was hardly effort required to levitate such a small critter up through the air and into the vent near the warehouse’s roof. The rat scurried inside, and disappeared from Deena’s view.

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