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TSW: Chapter 81 – Pain

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Chapter Eighty-One – Pain

The wildness was frigid far north in Alberta, near the eastern border. Zayna didn’t seem to mind despite her attire. Daveon, Renatta, Deena, and Arlandria followed behind her garbed in goats and scarves as they delved deeper between the trees. There were hardly even the sounds of animals around them as they neared a dark cave entrance within the rocky hills.

“This is it,” Zayna explained. “Anzu and the others. We were all staying here. She called us Sagitta Malum.”

“So she probably wants a lot more than we’ve seen already, if she’s given her people a name,” said Daveon.

“She never said exactly what she wanted in the end, but it seemed that way, yes. Now be on guard. There’s no telling who’s going to be in here. But if she is, we’ll make her pay for this.”

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TSW: Chapter 80 – Dirty Deeds

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Chapter Eighty – Dirty Deeds

Hours had passed since the incident in Spokane. Not a single person within the city retained their memory of the demon attack. In fact, a different thought supplanted the original, which was a tale spun by the government to once again cover up the existence of magic on Earth. They would possibly go on with their entire lives believing a powerful storm came through the city, and emergency teams were already on-scene to help those in need.

That was far away, however. Whitfield stood by a sharp-dressed older gentleman with peppered hair and a goatee, sitting behind a desk covered in papers. There were no windows, and the specific location was entirely unknown to others. They could have been across the planet, underground, or beyond.

The third being in the room was the one that hadn’t a clue, as her fuzzy bat body was helplessly blinded by the big she was placed within. Whitfield placed it down in the center of the room and undid the string that held it closed. The material fell loose to reveal Anzu’s avatar, messenger, and whatever else one would like to call it. They both shared her purple lips, but it was otherwise entirely different from her normal body. And it was laying motionless.

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TSW: Chapter 79 – Mean Woman Blues

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Chapter Seventy-Nine – Mean Woman Blues

“Taj. Portal them back right away.” Whitfield lit up a new cigarette and took a deep inhale. Behind him were an unconscious Eldrian, and a handcuffed Kevin, being ushered through a blue door with a diamond window sitting in the middle of the intersection.

Bandages, or Taj, slammed the door closed and it vanished from sight.

“Victory again. Let’s clean up the rest of these clowns,” Whitfield commanded. “Who knows how many more wizards there are lurking in the shadows? And demons.”

“There, sir. Another.”

Down the street flew a fluffy black sphere with bat-like wings. Its lips, however, were painted a vibrant purple. It didn’t seem large enough to be a threat, nor was it attacking. It simply continued towards them.

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TSW: Chapter 78 – Contained

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Chapter Seventy-Eight – Contained

Standing at around the same height as the stone beasts before was a creature completely black from head to toe. He had cat-like eyes, teeth like daggers, muscles that could grate cheese, curved horns, and claws the length of swords coming from each finger, but the head on top was tiny in comparison.

Beside him was a car nearly cut in half by claw marks that pierced the metal like a warm knife through butter. When he turned, his tongue lashed out, but a grin of absolute glee was always present across his face.

Deena and Daveon ran up, then Renatta landed beside them.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” cursed Deena.

“Who’s this?” Renatta looked to her. “A friend?”

“No. We faced him before. Remember the Elixir of Strength? This was one of the first to drink it, during that whole debacle.”

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TSW: Chapter 77 – Seek and Destroy

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Chapter Seventy-Seven – Seek and Destroy

Deena’s hands clapped together, and around them swirled a dark violet energy that manifested quickly—a chaotic but skillfully contained power. She thrust them forwards, and from the tips of her fingers came a piercing, black arrow, that soared through the air and directly through the chest of the stone-like beast. The area around the point of contact cracked and crumbled but it otherwise unperturbed. Death Arrow!

She had read much about demons, and it was true that they were unpredictable, but having no inner organs was a bother. None of her curses would work, nor would a stab through the chest. They would have to knock it to pieces.

“Hey!” Deena called.

Renatta, unsure if it was to her, glanced down from the rooftop. “Me?”

“I’m afraid there’s no strategy for now. We just need to break it apart, so throw what you can. Just remember that it isn’t organic.”

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TSW: Chapter 75 – A Peaceful Life

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Chapter Seventy-Five – A Peaceful Life

Among the shadows and stagnant air, something was miss—a tension, a rage. They felt it approaching up from the darkest depths. It was the woman with purple hair, and to contrast her face was more red than usual. When she reached the clearing, she took a deep breath and eyed over the other demons with struggling breaths.

She crossed her arms and tapped her toe. After she was finished looking too miffed to speak, she shot a glare to Skello sitting in the corner. “Even you stayed. At least there’s that. I don’t know what I expected from humans, but I thought they’d be more intelligent than that. But, no. They ran, and they’ll surely get caught.”

Ivar stood up. “What happened, ma’am?”

“Those three fools I decided to free from the Demon World… The ones gifted by the Elixir. They fled, and I have no clue where they went. I guess they want to die.” She stepped past the line of her companions, eyeing each over as she went. “Ivar. What is it you want?”

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