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TSW: Chapter 82 – Gloves are Off

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Chapter Eighty-Two – Gloves are Off

The voice came again. It struck Kevin with terror that he could hear his close friend calling out from the other end, and with him trapped on the chair, there was nothing he could do. Kevin yanked up on the metal bindings over his arms, which started to dig a groove into his flesh.

“I can’t take it!” Eldrian cried.

Taj, with his walkie-talkie in hand, paced left and right and let the words sink in deep. The room become quiet, apart from the sounds of the man’s footfalls tapping against the concrete floor. Then, he turned, and stared over his his captive. There was less expression on his face than he initially expected.

Kevin stared back up him with a burning ferocity not at all hidden behind his eyes—a fire stoked further by something. There was little fear, which Taj clearly didn’t expect.

“Are you ready to talk?” he asked bluntly. What little patience he had was fading.

“Hell no.”

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TSW: Chapter 81 – Pain

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Chapter Eighty-One – Pain

The wildness was frigid far north in Alberta, near the eastern border. Zayna didn’t seem to mind despite her attire. Daveon, Renatta, Deena, and Arlandria followed behind her garbed in goats and scarves as they delved deeper between the trees. There were hardly even the sounds of animals around them as they neared a dark cave entrance within the rocky hills.

“This is it,” Zayna explained. “Anzu and the others. We were all staying here. She called us Sagitta Malum.”

“So she probably wants a lot more than we’ve seen already, if she’s given her people a name,” said Daveon.

“She never said exactly what she wanted in the end, but it seemed that way, yes. Now be on guard. There’s no telling who’s going to be in here. But if she is, we’ll make her pay for this.”

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TSW: Chapter 76 – Attack of Titans

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Chapter Seventy-Six – Attack of Titans

Before them was an elderly woman surrounded by a cute wood workshop of machines and tools and layers of fabrics. Her skin was tinted a sickly green beneath blond locks of hair, and where her eyes should have been, were a pink and blue button sewed to flesh. They somehow were still able to see, however, as she did her job as any craftsman would. Said job, being a seamstress, was easier for her, as hanging from her body were many loose strings that she controlled as any would do so with arms.

Kevin watched as she completed the last strand of her project. This time, his skin was only as white as his ginger nature allowed. It surprised himself that he wasn’t terrified.

“So you were able to find what I asked about?” Eldrian had waited patiently for her to be finished. “I know it was an odd, tricky request.”

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TSW: Chapter 75 – A Peaceful Life

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Chapter Seventy-Five – A Peaceful Life

Among the shadows and stagnant air, something was miss—a tension, a rage. They felt it approaching up from the darkest depths. It was the woman with purple hair, and to contrast her face was more red than usual. When she reached the clearing, she took a deep breath and eyed over the other demons with struggling breaths.

She crossed her arms and tapped her toe. After she was finished looking too miffed to speak, she shot a glare to Skello sitting in the corner. “Even you stayed. At least there’s that. I don’t know what I expected from humans, but I thought they’d be more intelligent than that. But, no. They ran, and they’ll surely get caught.”

Ivar stood up. “What happened, ma’am?”

“Those three fools I decided to free from the Demon World… The ones gifted by the Elixir. They fled, and I have no clue where they went. I guess they want to die.” She stepped past the line of her companions, eyeing each over as she went. “Ivar. What is it you want?”

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TSW: Chapter 74 – Face To Faceless

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Chapter Seventy-Four – Face to Faceless

Only the girl’s neck to her head—covered with golden locks—was visible in the mirror due to her stature, so she had to step on the tips of her toes occasionally to see the ends. This normally didn’t bother her, but her fury had grown hotter with each passing day. Her best friend, which she referred to affectionately as a sister, had been taken away, and not only that but they failed against Eldrian’s friends, and were thrown aside by Tyreth.

All she truly wanted was princess-status, with unlimited wealth and daily praise. Was that so much to ask? Instead, she still lived in the same run-down house, but alone.

What bothered her even more was that her pendant, the one with a skull and crescent moon, was stolen. She was using it to puppet skeletons she dug up from the local cemetery, but one corpse moved on its own. It stormed away with the necklace around its neck. So she was out a sister and a magic item.

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